Personal Update Jan 2017

by Derrick Hornick

Greetings strange weirdos who read my blog! (who the fuck are you btw?)

Head shaved! New year, new hair, new me. I shaved my head like a neo-nazi skin head. Thankfully I'm still think with hair, and 12 days in and I'm already past the obvious skin head phase. It's hard to make Jew jokes when you look like a skin head, so I appreciate the growth. 

Weights lifted! Trying to get back into lifting. Oh dear christ did that bar hurt my hands. You forget how fucking savage it is to lift pieces of steel. My hands are like little baby vaginas, just getting torn the fuck up. I'm also weak as shit. Quick impromptu lift has my back all sore, but alas, I will persist.

Jiu Jitsu! I've been training like a mother fucker. I'm working the gym now, closing down 3 days a week, training 2-3hrs those nights. Nothing like pushing your fist hard into a guys abdomen trying to prevent the posture break on a guard pass, and hearing the dude talk about his hernia later that night... Tell your  training partners about injuries, so they don't do stuff like that. 

Renos: I am a giant lazy fuck, to the point of insanity. I promise it hear, 8 hours will be put in on renos this week.

Finances: Another area where I've just been so dumb. Need to automate this shit so I can stop being late on bills. 

Blog, the website, and the future: This is where the gold lays. I've been trolling Facebook pretty hard, pissing off the Trump haters mostly, but also SJWs in general, which is sort of risky, since facebook is filled with actual people I know. So we're going international! YOUTUBE SHOW! A good brosef and I are beginning to film a youtube show, generally about the common dumbness of the public. Mansplaining to the people. A white guy's take on things. Why someone is wrong, and why we are right. So stay tuned for that. 

A book: I'm going to begin chopping through the old blog and see if I can form that gibberish into some sort of cohesive argument on living. This will be hard, as that I'm not great at living. I do look forward to seeing my out retardation once removed. 

Cold showers, waking up early, and stretching: Do these things. I try to do these things. I did these things today. It's hard to do these things, but these things must be done.

Insecure people hide, secure people put it out there.




by Derrick Hornick

Pissgate: Buzzfeed reports (unverified) that Trump hired some Russia hookers to golden shower each other in some sort of diss to a bed Obama may have once slept on. I don't care if it's unverified, I like this one, so I'm going to believe it as true. 

Let's dig deep.

  1.  Hiring Russian Prostitutes: If Bill can stuff a cigar into Monica's intern pussy in the Oval office, surely Trump can hire some hos  well before ever taking office, right?
  2. Golden Showers: If Bill can stuff a cigar.... Right?
  3. The Diss on Obama: This is by far the most vindictive and strange part of this story. In order to diss someone they need to be aware of the diss. Pissing on a hotel bed punishes the hotel, not Barack. This is one reason why I doubt the story. 
  4. Unverified: Every publication is running this story with the "Unverified" preface. Do your fucking job and verify. 
  5. Trump as a Sexual Deviant: This I believe. He's fully sober, and sober people need to get their kicks somewhere
  6. The Press Conference: The Fake News can of worms has been open. I think this was a huge tactical error on the part of the Mainstream Media. Trump simply and rudely proclaimed Pissgate as fake news. 

Conclusions: Trump the Teflon Don glides past this with ease. Nothing sticks to this guy. With all the talk of Trump being in bed with Putin and this is the best "they" can come up with? It's simply not good enough, especially in relation to Bill, and what the Left has allowed Bill, now considered one of the greats, to get away with. You cannot claim to care that Trump paid some women to piss on each other outside of office, when Bill stuffed a cigar into an employee in the oval office. The big thing to worry about is the intent, if Trump did this as an insult to Barack Obama, that is worrying. A man that insane is a dangerous man to have his finger on the button. 





Droit Nouveau and the Consciousness Stream

by Derrick Hornick

5am. Thelonis on the headphones. Snow and wet on the outside. GF asleep. Dog asleep. Cat sitting by the food dish. Lip hurts, it's cracked from the dry winter air. Shoulders stiff, mobility is decreasing, need to work on that. Big yawn. 

It's weird when you like hipster shit, actually. Like this John Coltrane & Thelonis Monk album. I'm not trying to be cool, I just am. I really should get a new keyboard, this one sounds like an old robot, like R2D2's computational process. The headphones block it out. Stomach growling, no food in the house, have to get some at work. Going to ride to work, that'll anger people, that'll be wet. Shower at work. Show up on time today. 

Tim Ferris talked about consciousness stream writing on his podcast for mental health. I don't listen to Ferris's podcast very often, because it's so dense, but when I do I notice it effects my behavious. Listen to Tim Ferris more. 

Jordan Peterson was on this episode of Rogan's podcast. He's the professor out of Toronto who got in trouble for refusing to use the made up and infinite non-binary gender pronouns (Xi, Xir, etc). He seems to have some really good stuff on taking control of  your life. Check out I know I will be. 

In response to this sort of hard-left Libtard movement, is a growing (and winning) "Droit Nouveau", the New Right. It had to happen. With the lunacy of the current Republican right, and the idiocy of the Alt Right, and the shunning of White Hetero males by the left, what choice was there. I didn't choose the Right, I was forced here, and now I like it. Peterson made some great points about the enforced diversity, that tells  you that there is no difference between the races and genders, while SIMULTANEOUSLY telling you that you must employ people of different races and genders for their DIFFERENT perspective. Well, which is it? But like this, most Leftist ideas or ideological and collapse into a fit of crying and anger at the slightest challenge. 

That's all for now. Get up early. Work out. Wink at people.

Derrick Hornick


EDIT: "Droit Nouveau" is translated as "New Law" by google translate. I'll run it past some Frenchies to see if the meaning as "New Right" is valid. 

One Month Later/Steve Bannon Racist?

by Derrick Hornick

Once again I've been a lazy bitch. There's only one thing to do in a situation like this.. get back at it. I told myself last night before I went to bed "I'm getting up at 4:30. I'm doing it." and I did it.  This latest part of my life has really been marred by a lack of discipline and an abundance of laziness. Just stupid short-sighted behaviour. Drugs/alcohol/sugar these things are addictive, and I like to shovel all those things into me. That leads to a lack of discipline across all things; sleeping in, missing work, not working on the house, not taking care of things that need to be taken care of. I never thought the day-to-day of life would be this much work. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever fully pull out of the ditch, and if so what that will be like. Can I be the "serious man"? Who knows, but it is a goal. 

I've found myself spending an awful lot of time defending racists on the internet, which is a risky endeavour. Either their racist and I look like an apologist, or their not racist and I manage to convince 10% of the readers, and the other 90% still think I'm a racist apologist. But alas, if not me who? Who will defend the old white guys who said some dark/quasi-racial shit back in the day? My defence of them isn't so much for them, as it is for the greater peace between all people. Steve Bannon (Trump appointeee, former Breitbart runner) for example is being called a anti-Semite and white nationalist by Vox, I'm not so convinced. The anti-Semite thing seems to be related to his ex-wife and divorce proceedings, which imo aren't that valid. She's probably lying for more money, do I have proof of that, no, but I do know that Steve sent his kids to the exact school he was supposedly anti-Semitic against (mentioned in this article).  For my privileged white guy position, that doesn't seem to be that bad. The second issue with Bannon seems to be his "creation of a haven for white nationalist" with, this centering around the fact that Bannon has made some mentions of the Alt-Right. I think Bannon's idea of the Alt-Right, and Vox or Mother Jones's idea of the Alt-Right are two different things, that and the leftist idea that you say what they say or you're racist. The Alt-Right to Bannon are the new non-neocon Conservatives, the Alt-Right to Vox is white nationalist. I'm sure a racist or two reads Breitbart, but if you condemned a thing by its fans, what of Islam?

That's it.

Derrick Hornick @dhizzo 

Outlaw Shit

by Derrick Hornick

Don't you think
this outlaw shit
is getting outta hand
- Waylon Jennings

What can I say, that Walyon hasn't already said better. 

-Derrick Hornick



by Derrick Hornick

At this point I've lost count of what day I should be on and how poorly I'm doing with the consistency, but today, again, I rise. 

The psychology of getting up early has become ever more evident to me. When I sleep in, (until the last possible moment because that's what we do), I'm in this mad rush, shit sucks, I can't find a shirt for work, I forget to pack something, it sucks. When I wake up early I stretch this tight ass back, I meditate, I answers some correspondence from my internet friends, I RISE mentally and physically. I start today on the offensive. This is an improved me today.

The psychology of getting tough has also become more evident to me. Which is another pursuit I've been on with full effort, far more so that the up early thing. I think there are 2 causes of street fights, 1) ego, with a side of alcohol, and 2) fear. The bully preys on the fearful man, it's the school yard advice I got as a kid, "stand up for yourself", and it is really that simple. If you "stand", if you bite down, look at your would be attacker and prepare yourself for whatever he's going to throw, he likely won't throw. Dudes on the street are looking for easy ways to lash out, they aren't looking for a challenge. 

A couple days back, I'm heading to work on my bike, early, it's hot. I stop and take off my sweater, and you know, I'm sticky and everything comes off at once. No big deal right, I just peel the inner t-shirt out and begin placing it over my head. So from just down the path a little, a man walks up and says something, I didn't really hear his specific words, but I could hear that they were hostile. I say "wut?", relatively deadpan, and fully confused, he repeats "You deserve a shot in the jaw, you fucking faggot!". This only adds to my confusion, so I turn to him, look him in the eye and ask "because I'm changing my sweater?". When I looked at him I sized him up, and tried to asses if this dude was crazy or high, or crazy and high. He looked a little high, red glassy eyes, meth high, not weed high. Maybe crack. 630am btw. He was maybe an inch taller than me, he looked poor, his grammar sucked, and he repeated his lame verbal attack with the strange reference to "shooting me in the jaw", which I assume meant punching. Basically this dude was a loser. Losers are in bad shape, they prefer drinking Listerine mouth wash to running win sprints. But he was young, and he was big, so he was dangerous. He put his headphones back in and continued walking. When I was sizing him up, he was sizing me up, and he didn't see fear. Who know what would have happened if I was smaller or weaker, or afraid, all I know is that I've given myself the training to be unafraid, and that stops him, and me, from getting fucked up and stomped out. 

I thought about go after him because he called me a "faggot", but I didn't. I wouldn't have done it for me, but because I don't want this guy gay bashing an actual faggot, especially a small weak faggot who's going to get hurt. But I didn't. We'll credit that one to some sort of restraint. The dude did mess with my head, and put me in a weird head space, but I suppose there's not much I can do about that. 

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_Derrick Hornick

Up Before the Enemy

by Derrick Hornick

Okay, so the 430am thing is a total bitch, but here I am yet again. It;s become more and more evident that my love for weed is clashing with my desire to be up early. The dreaded weed hangover is real. I used to roll my eyes when friends said they felt groggy the morning after, but I certainly do today, and especially yesterday when I ate some weed butter and watched Clinton vs. Trump round one. 

This American election cycle is blowing my mind, and frying my logic circuits. I read today an article on how a dislike for Clinton is misogyny. "You don't like Hillary?"  "MISOGYNIST!" Give me a fucking break, I have the nuance of a opinion to hate a cunt even if she's a woman. I read an article yesterday in Vice that it's impossible to be racists against whites. Apparently whites have some sort of special racism immunity. Oh, btw, you criticize that concept.. WHITE FRAGILITY! God forbid you put whites on a equal footing as blacks, and refer to any denial of service based on skin color as racist. That's what real racism is, it ain't pepe, it ain't white dudes with dreads, it's actual mistreatment based on skin color. But there I go again, white mansplaining. On the same day Vice published the impossible white racism article, it also published a pro child marriage article. GOD DAMN! give your head a shake. And they wonder why there's this growing Alt Right fringe.

Shits fucking retarded. Keep swinging. 


Derrick Hornick

Vice City - day 6... Make That Day 1

by Derrick Hornick

Well I technically started day 6 of my little challenge, but in reality I'm on day 1 again. A couple things, 1) I didn't compare myself to Costanza for nothing, and 2) challenges are difficult. Getting up at 4:30am requires discipline, avoiding the ganj requires discipline, and we live in an undisciplined world. It wasn't a totally crap week, but this next will be better.  This blog must read like a perpetually failing addict's diary. I guess accountability is good... ha ha.. right?

It seems to be that a certain number of vices must be maintained at all times. You know how smokers talk about not knowing what to do with their hands when they quit. They're so used to playing with that cigarette and having it as a focal point, then it's gone and missed. It needs to be replaced with something like a lollipop. I've had some success replacing partying with Jiu Jitsu, and when i don't smoke I don't crave a joint, I just feel like I would be having more fun with a joint. Why am I depriving myself of this joint, on Sunday afternoon, when a buddy has a fresh batch to sample, I want to sample. I don't feel drawn on Thursday night to smoke, there's no jonesing at this point, but socially I miss it. My sleeping is a little fucked but I think that will go away with time. Side Note: I had the genius idea of making a $1000 bet with my lady that I could go 90 days, which I lost, obviously, god dammit. I immediately replaced weed with beer this past week, one vice for another. Knowing that I could have weed because of this challenge, I went for those beers, and that's missing the point. Replacing weed with beer, or weed with chewing tobacco (which I also did) isn't really the point. The point is to remove a crutch, not replace it. This has me thinking if it's Habit and not Vice, replacing one habit for another. I'll experiment with this and report back. 

So that's in the past, and this week is looking bright. I plan on really refining my goals, is the plan no weed, or is it to be productive? Those subtle differences are going to make a world of difference. I still think I need to do 90 to prove something to myself. 

That's it for today. Hit me up on twitter!


Derrick Hornick

Summer of George

by Derrick Hornick

In the classic Seinfeld episode "Summer of George" (s08e22), George receives a severance after being fired from The Yankees and decides to use the money to slack off and eat blocks of cheese the size of his head aka The Summer of George. Well this, this, was my Summer of George, minus the George, minus the severance, there was some cheese. I slacked in the sort of way that left a dirty plaque on my brain, my bills overdue, and with my project list forgotten and coated in dust. The thing people don't realize about laziness, is that it's tiring, I am tired of being lazy. Sometimes I wonder if I have some mental issue, like depression, or some such thing, that keeps me in bed when I should be working, then I realize that I'm still outworking so many. The true lazies don't worry about it, they just recline their life into a shitty job, and their weekly shows. For me the Summer of George is over, and the Fall of Dho begins. 

What I'm going to do: 90 days up at the Jocko hour 4:30 am, 90 days no marijuana, 90 days blogging about my efforts. 

Weed fo sho has a part in my laziness, and because of that it has to go. I decided that yesterday afternoon whilst high. The sort of dread I felt later in that day, dread that I wouldn't have this crutch, it was unreasonable, and reinforced my need to take a break. 

That's it for today. Hit me up on twitter @dhizzo 


Derrick Hornick

Shit on my Mind

by Derrick Hornick

What I'm checking out this week....

Tim Ferris did a great pod with the writer of The Perfect Storm, Sebastian Junger. I don't know much about Junger. I have heard of The Perfect Storm; haven't read it, haven't watched it,but I heard of it, other than that I knew nothing of Junger. Junger represent a type of dude that is not seen as something to aspire to in this modern age, but he should be, and . Physically strong, and smart, he tested his bravery as a war correspondent, before settling into writing. He shared some statistics about the male condition, unabashedly, knowing that fact is fact. He's how I imagine Socrates would be, I could be way the fuck off, and maybe I am. Either way, give the pod a mother fuckin listen. 

The Boomtown Rats - I Don't Like Mondays has been the song looping in my head. That song has good spirit. It invokes happiness in me. That's good magic, Bob Geldof.  

Report coming out of Vancouver; Fentanyl has replaced Heroin as the opiate on the streets. Illegal heroin replaced by deadlier, corporate produced fentanyl. This is the drug war, folks. I've never heard of someone ODing on heroin, I've heard of people ODing on fentanyl. I can't remember where I heard it now, but the idea is to legalize cocaine to reduce the amount of people on meth. The same should be done with heroin. Fentanyl can be produced in home labs, but I'd like to the that stats on how much is coming from the prescription companies and how much is coming from trailer park chemist. I was going to attempt to correlate fentanyl producing pharmaceutical labs to overdoses,  but there was no correlation. That and i saw the stock price and became sickened. 

What else, what else. Lifted some deads yesterday, 5x5 sets, followed by pull ups, bent rows, leg raises, and shrugs. It doesn't take much to work the body, and you are so much better off for it. Back to the Socratic Sebastian Junger, I don't know how he lifts, but I do know the man Socrates favored those of keen body, and praised the virtues of physical phitness. Saying “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”, and capable it is, but nowhere near as capable as the mind, if the mind is right. I would argue that all strength originates in the mind, and I would be in the company of men like UFC Hall of Famer Bas Rutten. Most fail in mind before failing in body, and ultimately, strength training is mind training. More on that later. 


Derrick Hornick